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February 28, 2011

– New Guild on Ally Side : kind of what I wanted to make my Old, Horde Guild into if only…

1) Mr. Grouchypants wasn’t there – I’m always worried I’m going to piss him off or something. Several days later and I’m /still/ in shock about how rude he was. I’ve never been made to feel that bad by a guildy since … well, I really don’t remember when. We were getting along fine for several days, even ran a few TBs and instances together – then one day he snaps and just goes off about the guild and says “wow. you’re a geek. cngrts” when we were talking about PvP gear. Excuse me? You’re going to insult me because I have more PvP gear than you? He reminds me of that terrible druid from my PvP guild that complaaains and complaaaains but won’t do anything to make his situation better. Anyway – this member of my Old guild makes me _cringe_ when I see him log on. We haven’t talked since he went off on me that day, and he doesn’t even log on much, but whatever. I’m hoping he G-quits. His excuse for being a total fucking asshole is that he had a bad day at work, and someone stole his idea. Yeah, so let’s take it out on the guild!

2) The core guild members actually played more than a few hours a week. I get that they are uuuuultra casuals, but three of them said they’d play a lot more once they hit 85. They are almost 85 and only one of them plays much – and he’s real slow about leveling. Two of the other core members (our tanks) log on once a week, maybe – and they never log in on a set schedule. It’s entirely random. Either I wait online for a guildy to log in, or I log in when I want and hope that I run into one of them during the few moments that they are on, and are also not already doing something, and want to do something. Honestly, that happens about once every two weeks at best – and it’s almost always with the same guildy. Point being: no one is ever on.

3) With guild “leadership” being so inactive it would look bad to anyone that I would want to recruit. I’m willing to recruit for just about any guild, as long as the guild leaders are active and friendly. Imagine that you are invited into a guild by someone other than the GM – then you and notice that the GM and AGM log on once a week and only for a few hours. It makes you wonder why the guy that invited you into the guild doesn’t take over the guild or start his own.*

Anyway – that’s the loooong version of why I don’t want to invest myself into my Old guild.

*Why don’t I start my own guild?

1) I don’t want to commit myself to anything right now. I can’t even join a raiding guild for fear that I couldn’t make the raid times regularly. So why would I want to do that?

2) I want to be able to quit the game (and rejoin) any time I damn well please – and it’d be far too difficult to do that if I was the GM.

3) I’ve been the GM before of SEVERAL guilds (OotL, BnG, and WHE), and I’ve never enjoyed being a GM. Recruiting was difficult and it was draining to “fix everyone’s problems” in the game. Moreover it was absolutely soul-crushing to watch people leave the guild that I spent time building up.

The GOOD news, so to speak, is that over the past few days I’ve really enjoyed the laxidasial feel of running regulars (even PUGs!), questing, and chatting with laid back guildies. Of course I keep things “real” with the occassional TB romp with my supa-1337 PvP guild on occasions too. It’s a nice mix of two atmospheres, and it makes me wonder why I didn’t try having different toons in different guilds before. I’ve never really split my time 50/50 between guilds before until my PvP and Old guild, and now I’m basically split between 3 guilds – PvP, Old, and Casual. I spend most of my time in my Casual guild, but it’s VERY nice to have “spice” in the form of different guilds. It seems like I clash less with people when I don’t see them as often and when they don’t know me as well. The reason they wouldn’t know me as well if I was in 3 guilds is because I can’t tell who I’ve told what, so I tend not to say anything personal – whereas if I feel “too at-home” with a guild I am much more apt to talk too much beause I start to feel like the guildies are “friends”.

The thing is about guilds, I’ve almost never seen guildies that talk outside of the game for longer than a few weeks after playing. I know only two notable exceptions – but I know MANY, many people that I was buddies with and spent a lot of time with in-game and on voice chat, and as soon as I stopped playing the game we stopped being friends. That’s one thing that I’ve /never/ liked about gaming as a hobby – that “friendships” are just a matter of convenience. It’s just like sitting next to someone on an airplane – you’re just a single-serving friend. I guess that there’s nothing WRONG with that approach, but it just seems shallow and it makes me hesitant to want to talk to people in-game about real-life stuff. <shrug>

I’m not sure how my Casual guild will go – so far so good anyway. I wouldn’t mind taking up a “leadership” role there since the GM really doesn’t know the game very well (he thinks Wrath heroics were challenging XD – and I don’t think he’s been through one Cata heroic yet, even tho he has two 85s). The GM is nice enough and VERY active, and he definitely seems down with the “Arcade Mode” casual atmosphere (whereas Mr. Crankypants in my Old guild loves but loathes the idea – WTFH?). I’d really like to have my two Ally 85s in that guild to blow off steam and to talk to regulars. I want to keep my PvP main in the PvP guild since those guys are refreshing for a while as well in small dosages – their potty mouthed, competitive, elitist gamer attitudes are good for TB / Arena / BG “rushes”. I’ll keep my oldest main in my Old guild, just for legacy and “old friends” (see above) – but I don’t see the guild going anywhere. I’m letting my old main gather dust (i.e. rest experience) while I work on my Casual guild characters on the Alliance side. Hopefully Crankypants will have /gquit by the time that I’ve used up all of my rest experience on my two Casual mains.

I’ve debated if I should ever reveal to any of my guilds that I have toons planted in other guilds or not – but right now it seems better that all they know is that I “play elsewhere sometimes”. This way they don’t build the expectation that I ONLY play with them (which seems “healthier” for some reason?) and I don’t have people talking to me when I’m trying to “get away” for a while. Crankypants knows my PvP character’s name – which has been a problem. Consequently I’ll be keeping my alt names my “secret identity”. The people that I don’t mind talking to regularly I have on my RealID friend list anyway.


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