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My old Steam profile

August 1, 2011

No, I’m not really deaf, but I use that tag so people in TF2 won’t bother trying to use voice chat to talk to me. I’ve turned off voice chat because I get sick of hearing trash talk while I’m trying to enjoy what little leisure time that I have.

“I still find talking to disembodied strangers online very difficult. It makes me rub my molars together.

That’s why pervasive voice is crucial: it lets you mute the entire service. Now, every server is a private server.

“I don’t want to go point to point, independently muting each racist. I don’t want to prune and tend the Goddamned thing. I’d just like to play games, if that’s alright. An optimal evening for me doesn’t involve playing whack-a-mole with my voice channels in some Sisyphean effort to elude pre-teens.” -

[The reason that I changed my profile is because I started getting more friends requests after starting to play Killing Floor, and I didn’t want to turn away new friends because of my profile… nevertheless I strongly dislike voice chat with absolute strangers. I’ve had some really bad experiences with random voice chat in games. Anonymity causes people to say some really nasty things.]


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