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I Miss Video Game Comics

September 11, 2011

As the topic says, I miss internet video game comics that dealt with … you know… VIDEO GAMES. Game comic authors have really, really strayed from the subject that made their comics _readable_.

Penny Arcade isn’t /bad/, but it certainly isn’t what it was pre-PAX. Ever since the authors of Penny Arcade moved to Seattle and quit being “real people”, the comic moved away from gaming issues. It started getting too artsy and perhaps evangelical about non-game issues. Likewise with Jerry Holkins’ posts that compliment the comic. Way too much non gaming topics has made it a chore to actually bother with the comic or the commentary. Mike’s comics often times became self-indulgent and exceptionally pointless – namely those artsy, nonsensical posts and his “I love myself” cardboard samurai stuff.

PvP-Online by Scott Kurtz was my favorite behind Penny Arcade for a number of years… but the comic became less and less about /games/ and more and more about the lame-o characters that Kurtz dreamt up. I checked this comic as well tonight. Absolutely _nothing_ but lame-o stories about his invented non-game characters.

Ctrl-Alt-Del has /never/ been one of my favorites, but Tim Buckly DID manage quite a few funny gaming comics in the first few years of the comic’s run. I totally gave up on the comic after the WTMI disaster, realizing that Tim Buckley had injected WAY too much of his own personal drama into the comic. Moreover, I read that the guy is a total jerk to fans. That’s messed up. I decided to give the comic a quick glance tonight, it’s nothing but long-winded Linux stories. Shame.

I’m starting to think that the authors of these comics are just trying to meet some kind of quota (in fact, I’m sure that they /have to/ to get their pay checks), and none of them really play games much anymore. Well – the Penny Arcade authors game a bit still, but not on the level that they used to.

Ahh… I miss the good ol’ days, when _video game_ comic authors actually wrote comics about… umm..  video games.


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