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An abrupt end to my frequent posts is coming… I got a new job!

September 13, 2011

I probably should have mentioned this a while ago. I’ve received several contract offers from potential employers. Woohoo!

I doubt that I will ever again in my life have so many great opportunities to choose from, or this long of a break from studying or working. :p It’s a great feeling to actually have a choice in jobs in the current economic climate.

Next Monday I have to let my potential employers know which contract I have chosen, and to start a /career/. I am tired of temporary jobs, so starting a career will be a very positive change for me.

I intended this blog to be ENTIRELY about gaming*, if possible, and being as it is that I will be working regularly, I doubt that I will have /nearly/ as much time for games or for posting on this blog. I will still post, just not as frequently. Likewise I’m moving to a state with the worst internet in the nation, meaning I will be taking a vacation from online gaming.

I just thought I’d mention the upcoming change, because every time a big change like this happens, I go back through my blog and wonder why I stopped posted as often.

*Gaming vs life blogging: while trendy, I don’t feel comfortable with posting much about my personal life on the internet. I believe that a discrete barrier between my home life and my “internet life” should be maintained, for security and safety reasons, and because I don’t feel that sharism is really very appropriate. As with many people, I have “blogged” about my life before and let slip a few faux pas’ on Facebook. After having read this exceptionally well written article on the inherently empty nature of sharism, I decided that it was time to take many steps back from social networking. While I still have a Facebook account and I still “share” on this blog, I don’t believe that I’m doing myself or anyone much good by going any further talking about my hobbies. I don’t want my online profile to outgrow my real-life persona, a phenomenon that has become increasingly common these days. I’d rather lead a great life and share little about it, than to lead an ordinary life and share everything about it, or to share anything about my life that isn’t true… or worse, to share things about my life that should have remained private.

Anyway, this asterix is becoming a rant about social networking, which I didn’t want. It suffices to say that I won’t be posting as often, but for all the right reasons.


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