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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Final review.

December 26, 2011

It’s WoW, copy and paste.

I cancelled my subscription.

The reason why? Battlegrounds. Yes, they are called battlegrounds. I don’t care whatever your sub-par MMO calls them, but they will always be battlegrounds, because all of you will always be copy-pasting the only formula that generates money (and tickles investors)… so, they are battlegrounds. Just like WoW battlesgrounds, they are serious, serious fail. 3 vs 6 to start a match? Well, this is one of the reasons that I quit WoW and may never return. PvP in WoW only has to be “adequate”, it never has to be _good_ (unlike Guild Wars 2). There is a very low standard for PvP in WoW, and the copy-paste machine ensured that TOR has terribad PvP. That turns my stomach.

After cancelling my account, I come to find out that I can’t even rejoin my server. Why? Queues. Yeah, queues. Something that I had given up on in WoW circa 2006. As per my “I FUCKING QUIT” form that I filled out for TOR: this game will FAIL because it will always be copy-pasting everything that WoW did FIVE years ago. If it was at least keeping up with CURRENT WoW, it might be worth playing. As it stands, I’m not paying for the same shitty game that I’ve already played, with a Star Wars skin.


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