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AvP: Sale of the Year?

February 4, 2012

I dunno…  first tried AvP 2010 in beta or in early-release-free-weekend multiplayer, and it left such a nasty, shitty taste in my mouth that I wanted fucking nothing to do with it – and that was back when I was willing to pre-purchase games. In fact, had not the pre-purchase bonuses been so /shit/ for AvP 2010 (hence forth just AvP, as AvP 2000 will just be referred to as AvPC) , I probably would have pre-purchased it, not knowing any better at the time.

New Release Retail was like $50 or some bullshit… and if the reviews are to be believed, it was garbage on fire, with a $50 price tag. Flash forward to about a month ago, and I bought AvP on Steam for like $5. That’s right, Happy Meal price. I beat the single player campaigns and put a few hours into the multiplayer. After having put that much time into the game, I feel that AvP is one of the most underrated games I have played.

First off, it was developed by the team that created the “original” AvPC, a game that I loved (in 2000). The new AvP is honest to the original, and also feels quite true to the Dark Horse Comics as I remember them from my youth. The new AvP may not be fan-boy perfect, but me as a “casual” Aliens and Predator fan (that actually liked the AvP movies!?), this game is spot on. The Marine campaign had the horror and fear of the original AvPC game, the Predator campaign had the stealthy, hunter and honor business that it should, and the Aliens campaign was just as much like AvPC as I remember it being without the “chest burster” abortion nonsense of AvP2.

Short version: I really liked the single player.

Beyond that, I wasn’t keen on how niche the multiplayer was, with only TWO (that’s right, 2) multiplayer servers with players on them, and several of the players being absolute zomfg pro. Not even cheat-pro, but just “I know the game so good, that you can never get a kill” pro. That’s to be expected with niche FPS games; but it’s not any better than been rofl-pwn-face-rolled by some asshat in a Call of Duty game using an aimbot.

Another plus: I was SHOCKED how balanced the three races were in multiplayer. I definitely couldn’t give “thumbs up” to any one race, other than whichever was the most populated during a game. This game supports zerging, which sucks in a game where “species vs species team DM” is the only multiplayer mode available – basically if the race you are playing has a lot of players, you will have an easy time. The “sneak executions” finally make the Alien a real threat, making the Alien almost OP; it seems to balance out the advantages Predators and Marines had in the classic version. Marines seem to be at a modest disadvantage if nothing else because they aren’t paired with Predators in terms of mobility, due in part to the new Predator “Leap” ability that lets Predators get almost anywhere an Alien can, and because Marines can no longer back-pedal sprint like they could in the classic version. That’s right, no more Marine-back-pedal-win. In fact, I’d say that Marines have to play an AGGRESSIVE game in order to win a match.

Anyway – that’s my rant/rave for now – AvP 2010 is a seriously underrated game, especially in comparison to AvPC. Anyone that remembers AvPC being better than AvP 2010 is missing the big picture – i.e. the silver screen picture. AvP 2010 seems more true to the spirit of the original films (Smart Gun sound withstanding) than any of the AvP games to date.


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