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Rift Revival?

February 16, 2012

One of my gaming buddies mentioned that he installed Rift for the “free to play til level 20” trial, and it had me wondering what changes have been made in the game since I last played. The deal killer for me in Rift, ultimately, was the difficulty I had finding entertaining group content, and the lack of friends playing the game. Everyone in my guild was on content that grossly outclassed what I could participate in, and my real life friends rarely (if ever) played.

I googled “Rift sidekicking”, just curious if Trion had finally added it to the game, and sure enough, it looks like it’s on the way. In fact, reading the whole post makes me think that Trion actually understands game theorycraft, and understand that artificial barriers between players causes people to leave the game, as discussed in this very well written article on Gamasutra (be sure to read the equally well written comments as well). 

Apparently Trion also added group-scaling, insta-join content for end game players, in the form of “Instant Adventures“, which is pretty much what I had been wanting the whole time.

I’m more than willing to give Rift another try at this point, especially if I can try it out with a friend. While my gaming buddy and I are usually on opposite work schedules, we manage to be on at the same time often enough that we could raise some hell in Rift.


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