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Worst Companies in the World?

March 28, 2012

Wow, what a cool competition (seriously, absolutely no sarcasm implied):

I’d have a very hard time deciding between EA and PayPal, but ultimately PayPal would have to take the cake because at least I can pirate EA games. 🙂

To my game dev friends, and to any ZOMFG PIRACY IS STEELINK! fanboys: I know the argument of “if you pirate it, you like it, so you should pay for it” – but I really don’t care. I think their products are mostly shit, their DRM is horrible, they overcharge for their shit, so I really don’t feel like paying for their shit. Sloppy logic, but it suits me, and I’d still rather pirate than pay. I really don’t think the game industry would be any worse off if they lost enough profit that they had to close their doors. Boo hoo. 


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