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Caffeinated Saturday, Episode 02

March 31, 2012

Let’s start this off with a WoW post. Just because I can.

I keep an eye on WoW, via Blizzard Insider emails and occassional trips to WoW Insider. If nothing else, the posts by lead designer Ghost Crawler reveal some of the inner workings of how the world’s most successful MMO franchise operates.

The most recent post by GC that I read was about The Role of Roles. The title of the article hooked me, since role philosophy is one of my favorite topics of discussion. What the article outlines is that WoW will never be changed to a model where ALL classes always have access to different styles of play (“Model 5” in that article). At the risk of sounding like a fanboy, that’s the exact model that Guild Wars 2 uses, where any class can fulfill (more or less) any role.

I think the biggest mistake that Blizzard makes with role design is how it panders to the forum whining of every little bitch that wants their class to do DPS as well as everyone else. Bliz panders to ANY complaining, now that I think about it… A good example is tanks – with each patch, non-Warrior tanks get buffed, so, the Warrs cry and threaten to quit, so Bliz nerfs the SHIT out of the non-Warrior tanks. Boo hoo. Anyway – point being, the critical mistake that Bliz makes is pandering to cry babies. Part of the problem is DPS meters – I don’t think an MMO should allow mods, at least it shouldn’t allow “DPS meters”. Those fucking things have been the cause of more drama than just about any other thing in WoW that I can think of.

If nothing else, that article pretty much confirms my belief that Bliz is unwilling to change their current model, even though other models are admittedly better. That’s sad, I guess. It just means that other features that I’m craving, such as sidekicking and free server transfers will never exist. I didn’t plan on playing WoW again, but this just makes it a complete and total lost cause, as far as I’m concerned.

On to bigger and better it seems. Including the Guild Wars 2 pre-order beta access… I have April 10th on my calendar, so that I can pre-order GW2, simply to get beta access if nothing else. I’m really fed up with reading about other people’s experience in the GW2 beta on sites like TenTonHammer and PCGamer. I may be getting way too hyped up about GW2 (just as I did with Star Trek Online), but all thing’s said, I’d rather be playing it than reading about it.


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