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Caffeinated Saturday, Episode 03

April 8, 2012

While it’s technically Sunday, I like the naming scheme… so, as far as any of you know, it’s Saturday. This will be a shortish post because I accidentally chopped off a bit of my finger using one of these suckers.

This comic basically summarizes my view of online gaming. It’s so true, because online gaming is so anonymous, most gamers are complete and total f$&@kwads. In fact I’ve recently been bitten by the MMO bug, but I can’t bring myself to actually play one – the reason why: people. I really don’t like dealing with the kind of people that anonymous internet gaming creates. I miss STV, but I don’t miss being ganked. I miss running Stratholme, but I loathe the idea of doing a speed run with intolerable 15 year olds that are in a rush because they are about to get in trouble for being up past their curfew.

Guild Wars 2 goes on pre-sale on Tuesday, which I will be promptly swooping up in order to secure guaranteed beta access and early launch access. Hell, if there was a game store within reasonable distance of my house, I’d actually attend whatever launch event they had for the game. I’ve never done that for any game, ever … I almost did it for Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask however. I know that GW2 won’t solve the problem of asshats on the internet, but it’ll at least make them more innocuous, by never forcing players to compete for quest objectives (unlike WoW and most other mainstream MMOs). Likewise, I doubt that I’ll rage nearly as hard at PvP imbalance… because… every player will be set to a default stat level. That is to say, there won’t be imbalance. Don’t get me wrong – there’ll likely be class balance issues – but rare is it that class balance issues are worse than balance issues due to individual player stats. I enjoy the variety in gameplay provided by different classes. I have an FPS / Team Fortress mentality when it comes to classes – if you disagree with class balance, just play another class and stop bitching. In all reality, MMOers that complain about class balance are usually pissed that they lost, and they blame losing on their class.

I still play a round of AirMech every other day or so (for the Kudos bonus), it’s still pretty goddamn fun. I thought I would have gotten a little bored with it by now, but I’m still thoroughly enjoying it.

An old buddy of mine sent me Bullet Storm on Steam the other day, which I greatly appreciate. It’s a sight-seeing, shooting gallery game, but I don’t say that out of disdain. In fact, I enjoy the break it provides from the MW3 / GoW copy-paste formula we’ve seen over the past five seven years.

I’m still making my way through KOA: Reckoning. I think this may have been the type of game I have been wanting for a long time… The only thing holding the game back is the rather bland side-quests and inane dialogue. Don’t get me wrong, the voice acting is actually pretty damn good, as far as games go, but the actual writing is… very “bleh”. Being an OCD completionists, I feel compelled to trigger every dialogue choice – which is often times just a rewording of something three other NPCs have already told me. I spend 3/4ths of the game engaged in exceptionally boring, one-sided, Ultima style dialogue. I’m about at the point where I’m going to start pounding through the quests and ignoring NPC chit-chat.

What’s kind of interesting is I felt the same way with most of the quests in SWTOR. Other than the main class quests, most of the various jobs and quests had pretty lame stories. It all boiled down to doing the same crap we’ve always done: Kill 8 rats and Collect the Treasure.


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