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Randomness: Good-hearted Game Devs

June 5, 2012

God Bless Epic Games:

While I wasn’t entirely keen on KOA: Reckoning (and I think the idea of making a single player MMO was dead on arrival), I think that some exceptionally talented folks worked on KOA:R, and they definitely deserve to continue working in the industry that they love. So, big, BIG kudos to Epic Games for really making a solid effort to save the victims of this Titanic gaming disaster. Likewise, I’ve heard rumor that ANet were snatching up some of these talented workers? If so, good on you.

Random side note: I’ve already cancelled my recent re-sub to WoW. The reason: the gear grind is shit. It really, really is total and complete BS, and I’m already bored with it. Moreover, my friend that had a character at a lower level than my character (I even had to Experience lock to keep from constantly outleveling him on TWO toons) is now level cap with some +390 iLevel epics that were mostly gifted to him by his old guild. Well, that’s great for him – but now he’s on to content that I can’t even dream of seeing without WEEKS (in terms of man-hours) of grinding exceptionally boring dungeons in order to gear up for. The artificial gap in character “ability” has made it so we cannot play the game together without it being too easy for him or too difficult for me. The gear grind is too much for me.

Yeah, I’m retiring again from end-game WoW. Even though MoP is coming out soon, I have zero reason to play, other than nostalgia. What terrible game design, for the most part. It’s so sad, that this is the only one that does it /half/ right, and I really do mean /half/.


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