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GW2 Blurb

December 4, 2013

I became very frustrated with the Engineer’s Berserker survivability and performance in dungeons. I want to like the class, I /really/ do… Likewise with Necro – while they have very high survivability, NO ONE wants a necro in an instance. I finally finished getting my Necro to 80, got him fairly well geared out, and my guildies wanted me to bring my undergeared Engie instead. >=/

It’s infuriating, especially after reading the LFG tags and reading on the forums, it’s pretty much as follows: Warrior + Guardian + Mesmer is the holy trinity that ArenaNet said doesn’t exist.

Well I rolled a Warrior, he’s now in his 20s, and I’ve got to say the class is just fucking awesome. It is the most balanced class, in terms of distribution of abilities, damage, and utility. Now I know why people have been spitting up on themselves about this class and why it’s considered “the” class. I don’t think ArenaNet really put as much effort into the other classes as they did Warriors. GW2 Warrior is the equivalent to a WoW Death Knight – it’s the class the developers intended on always being fun and easy to play.

Don’t get me wrong, I /do/ believe in the rhetoric of “play what you like”, but it seems like Warrior is just better designed, thoroughly. I could (and probably should, if I had the time) go down the abilities of a Warrior and explain why they simply work better than an Engie or Necros abilities in the same slot… There’s really nothing to complain about.

Mind you, I also have a 50s Guardian, and I think that class is /also/ very well designed, but I don’t dig the theme or the gameplay style – I always get bored playing my Guardian. I’m going to get him to 80 as well, so I have a better understanding of the end-game design of each class, but I already have a feeling I’ve found my new main. It’s really too bad, as I WANTED to like Engineer so bad, and I actually did like Necro – I just hated getting rejected from groups for not being a Warr/Guard/Mes.


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