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GW2 Blurb 12/15/2013

December 15, 2013

Another Guild Wars 2 Blurb, since the only game I’m playing much of right now is GW2. Still hammering away on my warrior – trying to get him to level cap. I ran into some roleplayers the other day, it was interesting to eavesdrop on their scenarios. They were in Ebonhawke, which is actually one of the most remote locations in the game – making me think that they wanted to RP in private. I even got shooed out of an inn, because they were already in the middle of something. Ebonhawke is a in a lower-level zone gated off by several higher level zones, and the only way in to the zone is to either have a high level character escort you, or if you happen to know about the asura gate in Divinity’s Reach – a city not many players spend time in (except RPers). Even fewer people know about the gate to EbonHawke. I’m probably over-explaining it, but yes – they must have really wanted privacy.

The warrior class (that I just started test-driving) is still fun as hell. I want to get into PvP, but I really don’t want to spend the required time of kitting my guy out with the proper spec. There REALLY should have be a few cookie-cutter, preset builds in every MMO that “do well” in matches. I don’t understand why not – I mean, even shooters have cookie cutter builds available to players. Hell, FPS players are often /forced/ to use the cookie cutter builds for the first few levels until they unlock the option to customize their own kits. MMOs are quite the opposite; they have NO available preset builds, but they have insano customization depth – to the point of being asinine and superfluous. Anyway – point being, I don’t want to have to read a book’s worth of forum theories in order to come up with a build that won’t get my shit pushed up into my neck by leet no-lifer “pro” players.

I haven’t played much 360 lately. I’ve had great difficulty getting a reasonable offer for the one that I’m trying to sell, and I desperately need the money, so being bummed about that might be part of my problem. I still haven’t finished Darksiders – which I’d really like to do.

I started up SWTOR again – much to my chagrin. The game is still fundamentally broken, since you can’t pick up abandoned quests. Justin wanted to play a bit of it however – so I’ll entertain him. Yet as soon as we started playing SWTOR again, he became interested in Star Wars: Battlefront again.

So I broke out the old, original XBox for Battlefront, and he’s currently obsessed with that. Last night he came downstairs and said “We’ve got a LOT of REALLY good games for the XBox! This is a lot of fun.” It’s ironic, sadly ironic in fact, because a month ago he insisted on getting an XBox One for Christmas, and his mom obliged him; she roped me into the deal, even though it’s worth a MONTH of rent, and she isn’t working, and I was just laid off. <shrug> I told her it won’t happen again, I’ll just gift him $100 every Christmas and call it a day – no more Jingle All The Way bullshit for me, thank you! Funny though, I bought one of the VERY, VERY few that Walmart had on Black Friday, and it was so close to this Jingle All The Way scene that it’s … really not very funny. There were PILES of frothing-at-the-mouth Christmas shoppers, ramming each other with carts full of half-off LCD TVs and toys. SWARMS of enraged, furious shoppers, pushing each other to get “good deals… for their kids”, and screaming at minimum/poverty-wage Walmart sales associates. It makes me HATE Christmas.


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