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Pampered by Planetside 2?

January 9, 2014

Respawn, the developers behind Titanfall, recently announced that the game’s multiplayer would have a 6v6 maximum. Of course, the internet caught on fire as angry video game nerds everywhere learned about this limit.

Just reading “6v6” and “Titanfall” caused me to instictively doubt my earlier assertion that Titanfall would become one of my favorites for 2014. I think that I’ve been “pampered” quite a bit by playing Planetside 2. It’s difficult to get thrilled about multiplayer battles involving a handful of players anymore, when the average encounter has something in the range of 100 players. There’s something to be said about a giant sandbox FPS, where it doesn’t need scripted cinematic events (like those found in single player campaigns), when you have unbelievably monstrous battles between three different sides. In the linked video every aircraft, tank, and soldier is an actual player. Battles such as this make the conventional 6v6, or even 12v12 seem exceptionally tame.

One thing did catch my attention in Respawn’s response to the fiery criticism: Counter Strike is only 5v5. Hrm. It’s been so long since I’ve played that I didn’t recall the player count being so low. Nevertheless, CounterStrike is undoubtedly one of the most played FPSes of all time. I guess I can wrap my head around the notion of 6v6 with AI fodder… I don’t think it will come close to replacing Planetside 2 however.

With that being said, I should probably at least mention Planetside 2 for the PS4. I’m pretty excited about it – but I’ve already invested so much into the PC version that I don’t know if I’m going to make the jump. It’s slated to be free to play, with the same Station Cash / subscription model as the PC version. It’s one of the VERY few /legitimately/ “free to play” video games on the market, where a player honestly needs to pay $0 in order to have a hell of a good time – so odds are I’ll play the PS4 version, but I doubt I’ll subscribe or pay for station cash.

One last thing, before I forget – I didn’t include a list of my “Top Games of 2013” with my predictions for 2014 because there are /many/ fantastic games released in 2013 that I didn’t get a chance to try. Moreover, the games I spent the most time with in 2013 were mostly games released before 2013. That’s what I get for being a bargain-bin gamer!


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