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Sony going with an All Games monthly pass plan…

January 12, 2014

John Smedly recently announced that Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) will be lumping all of their subscriptions into one for $14.99 / month. This improves the odds that I’ll end up playing EverQuest Next when it comes out – since then I’d be subbing for Planetside 2 and EQN. My only gripe is that the 500 SC per month is /shared/ between all games on the account. So if you want to unlock something on PS2 and EQN, you’re going to have to pick between the two – or plunk down hard cash to make it happen. That is probably the exact result that SOE wanted however – was to milk the whales. It doesn’t hurt SOE that having full access to their entire online library is enticing to noncommittal casuals, such as myself.

Otherwise the only other obvious negative is this will likely discourage SOE from discounting their Station Cash currency. Every Christmas before 2013 SOE had either a 2x or 3x bonus sale on their currency. It’s unlikely that they will run those kinds of sales again, since it basically discourages subscribing – as most SOE games you can essentially replace the subscription benefits after buying the equivalents using SOE currency. Bummer, as I’d probably put down some serious cash if I was getting enough station cash to buy all the PS2 weapons that I want.

I finished Darksiders 1. I really enjoyed the game – it was probably my favorite 360 game other than Mass Effect and Skyrim.

So I started Darksiders 2. It’s basically a hybrid of Darksiders and every-other modern action RPG in existence, including an unnecessarily busy inventory system. Don’t get me wrong, I /really/ like the game, but I get sick of checking out every pair of pants to see if it has marginally better stats than the ones that I’m wearing is tedious. Beyond that one gripe, the game is everything Darksiders 1 was, but better and larger.


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