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Black Ops 2 multiplayer on the console – I love it

January 18, 2014

I bought Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (blops2) for the 360 and recently started playing the multiplayer. I simply love it. It is quite similar to Blops1, which is the closest modern parallel to GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64. Small-ish maps with frequent player encounters and “medium” times to kill. This means that player skill (aim speed, ability to aim and move, ability to track a moving target) is about as important as player strategy – which I enjoy. Player strategy is much, much more important in larger map games, such as Planetside 2 and the Battlefield series – where kill streaks are much more dependent on positioning, flanking, and weapon selection. I like the intense pace of FPSes with smaller maps and tighter ranges.

The story was fun, similar in style to the Mission Impossible movies – lots of high tech gadgets. It was really short however, probably the shortest COD game so far. I bought the game mostly for the multiplayer however – so that doesn’t really bother me.

I’ve been doing really well in basic death matches – which I attribute to my time in Planetside 2. PS2 has taught me how to predict enemy locations, likely sniper spots, and most importantly to minimize my angles – that is to say I use cover much more effectively now and I can spot dangerous areas. I’ve also learned from PS2 to maximize my weapon’s potential by trying to keep in the optimal engagement range. Many Blops2 players use SMGs (much more so than in PS2), and keeping a health distance while using an LMG (my fav weapon class) or an assault rifle has really helped me stay alive. It sounds like obvious advice – but it’s something I didn’t think about much until playing PS2, where weapon range is absolutely critical to survival, nonetheless playing well.

I’m still shitty at sniping (I just won’t do it, really) and I’m still shitty with grenades and explosives. I really need to get better with explosives – it’s always been my main weak point, that and CQC. It’s much easier to get kills using explosives in Blops2 than in PS2, due to how players always respawn with explosives and all of the ranges are pretty short. Explosives are very situation in PS2, since encounters can really stretch out – into the 100s of meters.

I’m downloading Battlefield 3 on the PC right now. I’m KIND of excited about it. I got it with the Origin Humble Bundle a while ago but never bothered with it because I really didn’t like Battlefield 2 at all. Now that I’m “better” at Planetside 2, I’m hoping I stand a chance in BF3. I don’t know how much I will play, because apparently the BF community is pretty bad*… <shrug> Only one way to find out!


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