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Company of Heroes 2: Don’t buy it… Boycot it or Pirate it!

January 19, 2014

Company of Heroes 2 went on sale this weekend, and I ALMOST picked it up… Until I read some interesting reviews about the rampant and disgusting historical revisionism. Look, I’m American, so I don’t “have a dog in this fight”, and even /I/ find the skewed portrayal of Russians absolutely unacceptable and greatly offensive. So, screw you Relic, I’m not buying the game. If anyone asks me about the game, I’m going to tell them to download a torrent, and to avoid buying the game at all costs (or any Relic game for that matter).

I wouldn’t be as bothered by Relic’s anti-slavic attitude if Relic wasn’t so adamant that they were correct. What’s more, they apparently block, ban, and otherwise censor anyone that questions the historical accuracy of their game. God forbid people question their ignorant, nationalistic writing which they pass off as THE TRUTH.


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