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So strange, the feeling of de ja vu.

September 10, 2015

My son is autistic, so I’ve been doing some reading up. In typical wikipedia habit I ended up following a few hundred different random links to links to more links… I ended up on CSI for some reason – that detective TV show. It’s strange to read up on the show as it’s still airing. It’ll be ending this year with a big series finale movie… which is pretty cool that they get to go out with a bang like that. I was watching the original few seasons on a very regular basis back in 2006 to 2008 on Spike TV, and slowly started getting out of it as Spike changed their lineup. I got T to start watching it, eventually we started watching all of the new CSI, CSI: NY, and CSI: Miami episodes as they aired. That was pretty cool that we had a bunch of shows to look forward to (other than the other few that we were watching, namely Survivor – which we still watch, and Jersey Shore – yes I regret it!).

The last time that we actually watched a full episode of CSI together was when we we still lived in the apartments. Probably around 2011 when I first started working in Alaska. That was over four years ago. Crazy. Since then we’ve barely had time for anything, except sporadic Survivor. I got her into a few other shows, but none of them we watch together. She watches them on her own, I watch them on my own. That’s just how things are.


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