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Feb Update 2016

February 25, 2016

I done did it. Broke six figures on my W2, soundly too. Very proud of that – it was one top bucket list items I had remaining. I’m not quite at 7 times what I was earning in 2009, but I’m close. In five years (ten tops!) hit that next goal of 7x my old wage. Not gaming related, but I felt like I had to pat myself on the back.

WoW still. Still doing the holiday stuff, even though I’ll be unable to get the ultra frustrating School of Hard Knocks achievement this year, so I won’t get the What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been meta achievement, but it’ll be the only missing thing. That’ll mean holidays will be much more laxidazial in the future. I have mixed feelings about that – as some holiday events can be VERY grindy and obnoxious, but I do like the variety it adds to the game and I also like revisiting old haunts.

Otherwise I’ve been knocking out old raids and instances. I just need all of Pandaria and two pre-Pandaria raids and I’ll have seen all there is to see. It still surprises me how long I’ve played WoW “this time”. I think I’m going on a year of constant up time and daily playing.

I looked into Hearthstone after playing PvE versus AI a little. I found out that the cost to actually collect new cards is really not worth it. We’re talking an investment of thousands of dollars (hundreds, at least) and/or tens of thousands of hours. For a CCG. Not really my cup of tea. I played a few random rounds and found it frustrating. If there were more game modes I probably would have had more fun – but in its current form I find it stifling and all about chasing the meta. It reminds me a lot of Guild Wars 1, and not in a good way. I uninstalled with no intention of reinstalling.

Otherwise it’s been mostly Just Cause 3 and Crypt of the Necrodancer. Still grinding through JC3 – nothing new on that front.

Crypt of the Necrodancer only has one major problem: it’s not available on Android or iOS. Otherwise the only other issue is the relative lack of content. It’s easy to burn through the core game in a few sittings. There’s a number of unlockables, but even then it’s just recycling four base environment types over and over. I don’t care for “Rogue type” or permadeath games /at all/, but this is an exception, and there is still some kind of progress where you can unlock upgrades, some of which persist through death.

I will give passing mention to Fallout 4. I bought it on PC and had four fatal crashes in thirty minutes and shelved it. I’ve played it once since then (after the big patch) and it’s playable now, but I’m just not as interested in it. I think my enthusiasm for the game was soured by my initial experience and the “meh” reviews I’ve read of it. Now that things are settling down in WoW however I think I’ll give it another go in the near future… That having been said – I’m actually much more anxious to burn through the most recent two or three Assassin’s Creed games.


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