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Spoilers! (Game of Thrones etc)

June 6, 2016

Two of my favorite characters in GOT are back! I knew they would be… HUGE SPOILER….

You’ve been warned.

The Hound is back! Uncle Benjen is back! and of course … Jon Snow, is back!


Been playing lots of Overwatch. Short version: I LOVE IT. Also been playing some WoW. Trying to get money for that stupid spider mount.

Two HUGE personal news items however, save the best for last!

I’ve lost almost 40 lbs so far! Amazing. I got the first 30 through regular diet and some moderate excercise. No big deal. I got the other 10 lbs through a “keto” diet and through working out twice a day. And let me tell you, it is the ONLY way to lose weight effectively.

Lastly, and definitely most importantly: my son is in school! My little clone is attending ABA therapy and he has made huge strides in his behavior and communication!

Now to the nitty grity, if you will.

Starting with my little boy – he now has fantastic eye contact, has far fewer tantrums, and is much more effective at communicating his needs with us. We haven’t had many opportunities for socialization but the few that we’ve had he did great. When we went camping he approached two older kids, sat down with them, and started playing with them! It was amazing.

I took him to school today, and I actually had to hold him back from running into the class – he had a HUGE grin on his face! I wanted to make sure he was with the group when he went in, I didn’t want him to go in alone. At first he really didn’t like school, and how it’s the thing he looks forward to the most, I think, other than me coming home from Alaska. He was upset on Saturday that he didn’t get to go to school, which is amazing.

Yeserday he also gave me his bus when his mom and I were singing to him the “wheels on the bus go round and round” song! He hopped up, went and found the bus, then gave it to me.

He’s been much calmer lately too. At the lake he wanted to go into the water, but he didn’t want to wear his vest, so I had to redirect him away from the water since he wouldn’t wear it – he’d cry a little but it wasn’t a full out tantrum, he’d get over it in a few minutes and go normal stuff. It was great.

He’s eating a lot of “normal” food too lately. Donuts, fries, pizza. He drinks water and soda from a cup now, and he /usually/ doesn’t dump it on the ground anymore. He still “eats” wood (mostly jut spits it out), his mom wants to keep it around in case he’s malnourished for some reason. I don’t think that’s the case, I think it’s just pica, and even if he was “eating” the wood he’s not getting proper nutrition from it anyway. I say take it away entirely. Nevertheless very happy that he’s eating a lot more.

He’s doing very well at bath time too, not sure if that’s him or new tactics that I’m trying, but I can wash his hair without a fit. He’s still excited as ever to play with water toys though, so bath time usually pretty easy, other than washing his hair.

We went to Chuck E Cheese, that was fun. He did well there too. No tantrums, but he was running so fast towards the end that I literally had to sprint to keep up.

Game of Thrones… I KNEW that Benjen didn’t die. I just had a feeling. I think George R.R. Martin has gone a bit soft on us, he’s sparing (and resurrecting) our favorite characters. I KNEW that he’d bring back Jon Snow. From the first episode I knew that things would become about the bastard son. While Martin really likes getting us to know the characters he kills off, I think he’s a sucker for the downtrodden and unfortunate making their rise to power and fame. Look at Tyrian, look at Jon Snow, hell, look at Bran who he turned into a parapelegic in the first episode… He wants the underdog to win. I’m sure he was a fan of the 1980s and 1990s Dallas Cowboys.

The only “fear” I have is he will go a bit monotheistic on us and turn this into a Resurrection story. Already the tone has been set about the God of Light, who allows resurrection and whatnot… That’s the one thing that bothers me about Tolken’s later work, it became just as subversively preachy bout monotheism as it did fanciful about a made up universe.

The double broken femur bit about the Hound. If he was right, then yes, double broken femurs… he’d die. But a fall like that? Unlikely that he’d break his femurs. He looked gravely injured, but the EMT in me says he could have survived that if he was found right away. We never saw a body. And that was a point that was made in one of the most recent episodes.

I love antiheroes, so of course the Hound is one of my favorite characters.

Something about Benjen inerested me from the start. I’m not sure what it was, but he made the Night’s Watch seem more like Marines than any of the others in the show. It was a force to be reckoned with, where men with honor would go to join. Later, it became a death sentence for the irredeemable and corrupt, to go and die against the Wildlings and horrors of the north. Yet Benjen was a purer-seeming soul, one who’d join the Night’s Watch for noble reasons. Then he went missing. Abruptly. I was bothered by that, but this is George R.R. Martin we’re talking about here, so no surprise. Anyway… I’m just very glad that we get to catch up with Benjen.

Gaming front: Really, just Fallout 4 and some WoW. The internet has been broken at work in the rooms, so I haven’t been able to do anything except watch TV, work out, and play Fallout 4. So far I’m VERY pleased with the most up-to-date version of FO4… it’s much less buggy than launch. It’s actually playable. In it’s current state it’s almost on the level of New Vegas, in terms of immersion and story. What it lacks in story it makes up for in action – the gameplay seems a bit more dialed in than FO:NV. In particular I feel compelled to wear the icon power armor as much as I can, and now that I get to upgrade it it’s even more of an important part of the experience. In FO3 and NV it was an item of interest, but it didn’t allow stealth (really) so it just became futuristic plate armor. It didn’t actually provide a differnt way to play the game in a meaningful way. Now, players will seek out leveling upgrades to boost their power armor, they will possibly seek out new parts, and they definitely hunt those stupid power cells…

WoW is definitely in a stalled state. I play regularly (when I can, anyway), but you can tell Bliz is just waiting out the end of this expansion’s life time. I liked WoD. I definitely played it more than any expansion to date. I liked it more than 90% of the hipsters out there … But it had its problems. I’m anxious to play the new expansion, and I’m anxious to server transfer (and race change) my warlock.

I’ve been trying to figure out my ideal roster for filling out the slots on my server. Other than my obsession for Worgen, I wanted one of each race, if possible. In particular I wanted a goblin, since I LOVE the lore of the race, and their general attitudes (Guido Ferengi, basically…)… but I already had an Orc sham and I was happy with that, I wanted a Tauren warrior (that’ll be my level 100 boost), and none of the other Goblin classes interested me… except warlock. Then it hit me, my old Vanilla main – he’d be perfect! He already has maxed mining and engineering, I’ve got a TON of achievements / titles on him, and a LOT Of history with him, so quite a bit of nostalgia. Perfect! My “original” guild didn’t reform during Mists or Warlords, and I g-quit him out of the guild anyway since I got sick of dumb dumbs constantly giving Jess leadership just because she’s a girl, and a flirt. The guild is dead, it never will be what it was, and it probably never was all that I imagined anyway… so I gquit and I’m transferring him to my new “home”.



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