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The Legion is Coming

June 16, 2016
  • Patch 7.0.3 coming in about a month. It is on PTR *now*.
  • Very excited about the upcoming changes to WoW.
  • I bought Overwatch. I LOVE that damn game!
  • Otherwise not gaming as much, been playing Fallout 4 as time allows.
  • Definitely decided that I’m going to upgrade my laptop, but I won’t until the new nVidia 1080 / 1070 series goes mobile.

So, Patch 7.0.3 is on its way. Here’s a few things I’m excited about.

  • The thing I’m anticipating the MOST is the Transmog system. Hoooorraaaay! Finally!
  • I’m also excited about being able to swap between ALL specs – even at a cost. At LEAST they are letting us do it “for free” for dungeons. That’s kind of all that I need, as outside of intstances I’m USUALLY just Feral / Boomkin for obvious reasons. That may change if they add some bite to Bear or Resto. It sounds like the price isn’t that big of a deal anyway. I’m anticipating the cost is going to just go away. I think player feedback will be SO negative that they’ll just get rid of the cost to respec. It’s f-ing retarded. I get it, they want us to get REALLY invested into our characters and to commit to the play style and the lore – but it’s stifling. For a game with SO many options, there’s not a lot of sense in restricting players. UPDATE: Apparently they beat me to it, and they removed the cost a few weeks ago ( … so, yeah. I’m VERY, VERY happy about that! I can finally run ALL druids specs! Mwahahaha! I can finally experiment with different specs I’ve NEVER even tried in my other classes!
  • PvP changes. Bliz is pretty much straight up plagarizing Guild Wars 2 and Call of Duty for a few things. First, all players are given exactly the same relative power level. They kept in place a greatly diminished version of item scaling, but it’s not going to even really matter. Thank GOD. This has been needed since Vanilla. There is now a Prestige system which seems to have pretty cool unlocks – taken directly from Call of Duty. I’m definitely digging ALL of the PvP changes.
  • Glyphs are gone. I have mixed feelings about this. I get it that they are now redundant with the Artifact weapons, and they were always kind of obnoxious to have to swap out and shit – so I don’t miss them. One of my main professions is Inscription, only because I read it’s supposed to be easy to make money with… So far I’ve had very little luck on that front. There are few items in inscription that sell well, and most require MASSIVE amounts of drop-only ingredients that are only available by farming or paying stupid amounts of the AH. >=/ I might drop inscription and pick up something else. Enchanting has been working fine.

Fallout 4 is good so far. I’d say better than FO3 but not as good as FONV. The biggest issue I have with the game is my laptop’s performance. More on that in a moment. The game world is much more intricate than previous entries – the city of Boston is actually BIG. Unlike New Vegas. Granted, the habitible part, Diamond City, is very small – but the actual remnants of old Boston is sprawling. Probably 1/5th of the entire game world is some urban sprawl. The combat is notably improved over NV and the leveling system is a bit better – more along the lines of Skyrim where you have “trees” (linear trees though). As always, the game is buggy … to the point where I had to quit playing when the game was new. My only MAJOR issues is the PC performance. I know it’s partly my laptops fault, but the game doesn’t look very good on default settings and it still runs like absolute shit. It maxes out my CPU and GPU, which causes my 2.5 (3.5 with boost, or something) to crank all the way down to 900 mhz. Holy fuck! My frames drop into single digits, and this is with every tweak known to man and with all the settings to absolute minimum.

This, Legion, Overwatch, and Fallout 4 have all convinced me I need a new laptop. I’m going to update this later with my thoughts on Overwatch and a new laptop, but suffice to say it’s all good things.



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