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EA Strongly Hints that Mass Effect Games Will Get Remastered

August 17, 2016
God. Yes. Please.
I’ve already played ME1 and ME2 through twice (once on PC and XB360)… I’d definitely play all three through again if they came with DLC. Certain DLC I consider part of the core experience and I’m not sure why they were sold separately. Specifically Lair of the Shadow Broker, Leviathan, and From Ashes. Without Leviathan much of the absolute most critical lore is just… gone. If it’s not included… I’ll wait til it’s available, at least for purchase if not bundled. Likely it’ll all be a huge ass “all-in-one” bundle since it’s so old they can’t sell the DLC shit to players AGAIN without a bit of rage.

WoW: Invasion thoughs…
The invasions are just fine. They are a little grindy and repetitive, and they are almost a one-for-one rip off of of Rift. I mean, it couldn’t be more like Rift except the scale perhaps. Rifts are much smaller in scale, whereas invasions span a whole zone. The armor sets are okay, the weapons look nice but aren’t epic… especially important since we’re getting f-ing artifacts in Legion. Apparently players without lag could get MASSIVE XP boosts too for lowbies. I may try it anyway, maybe just completing each section gets some xp reward and I can kind of play it. I’m busy grinding the invasions on my 100s to unlock the armor xmogs. I have the pet. I have all the achievs, just need to get the toy.

The Broken Shore story is pretty damn good. It’s a short event but rather epic. Unfortunately it basically leaves the Horde with NO ONE other than Sylvanis that is interesting. And as I’ve said before, she’s just undead Cersei – so her erratic, spiteful nature makes her hardly a solid leader for the Horde. There’s no one else at all that has enough background story to be worth watching… So Bliz is going to have to build up some new characters Horde side for players to get behind in order to have any story whatsoever.


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