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More Legion WoW stuff :)

August 22, 2016

> WoW Legion Pre-Event Invasion XP Boost is Back!
> Lovin’ shaman
> Thoughts about having “too many” alts

I found out about the leveling Invasion leveling bonanza a bit late in the game. I wish I had known earlier – I was grinding those things on my main, thinking that lowbies couldn’t participate. I was wrong – the players scale up in level to match the event, which is incredible. I wish more content was like this, and it’s proof that Bliz CAN scale content intelligently – not sure why they don’t do this such that new lowbie players can play with experienced friends on their mains – like have the 100s scale down to level 20 for Wailing Caverns, so they can play together and have the dungeon still be as challenging as intended.

I’ve prattled on about “sidekicking / mentoring / bolstering / level boosting” before. If Bliz does it I’ll be ecstatic. If they don’t, well… shame.

Anyway – they nerfed the invasion experience to the ground. Yesterday they must have reverted the change, now I was gaining experience like I’ve never done before (outside of a well experience crew of dungeon runners in full heirlooms – chain running instances).

I’ve been leveling a number of alts. So far the one I legitimately enjoy the most is Shaman. I like that I don’t have to switch forms to DPS or heal. While I like the lore and feel of playing a shapeshifter with my druid main, it’s ultra inconvenient that I have to blow two global cooldowns to change form in order to do certain things. Healing – in most cases, or in older versions it was to cast moonfire. Even crafting now requires the player to be in human form (a recent change). Shaman? No need! Always ready to go! I don’t know if they snazzed up the lightning animations or what but it feels much better than I remember from cata – it feels kind of like force lightning with a satisfying thunder crack after each cast. They changed totems so that they are all cooldowns (other than a buff based one that acts like a combination of four of the old totems). I guess that’s okay. It was obnoxious at times to always manage totems, but it got easier with each expansion, and eventually it really wasn’t that bad… It feels like the class lost part of its core play style. I can’t say it lost part of its lore, because they still have a few totems, so it’s not entirely gone…

Speaking of class lore versus gameplay: druids lost a number of abilities that have been around since vanilla or so, including hurriacne. That blows my mind – but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it didn’t fit with druid lore – it fits with Shaman. So that makes sense. I really don’t like Sunfire as a replacement – the making of a mini storm with graphics and sounds was definitely satisfying when clearing groups of mobs.

As I level my sham I wonder about my Troll Druid and my Warlock, and of course my other sham, and my hunter, and so on. I wonder if I’d play them enough to be worth leveling to cap. A few reasons I think of to do so: then I can farm holiday and old raid mounts. Well, yeah, but doesn’t that just commit me to spending hundreds of hours GRINDING shit I don’t like in order to have mounts no one cares about, mounts that I only see maybe 10-20% of the time in the game? Is that worth it, versus playing the latest Zelda or Bioware game? Probably not. Second reason is to understand PvP better – to know what other classes will do and how to counter it. Maybe – but, wouldn’t my time be better spent actually playing in PvP than leveling as a class I don’t fully understand? Or spent on Arena Junkies forum reading on how to counter things? Plus, every goddamn expansion I have to relearn all of that classes’ abilities.

I also figure: I’d like to roleplay X. Well, really? Do I roleplay anymore? Ever? At all? No. I don’t. I’ve tried but I found RP frustrating due to how insular existing RPers are. Most RP stories are about one ego maniac, one slutty chick, one mean / enigmatic chick, the funny guy, and the sulking quiet edgy guy. That’s your typical RP crew, and they don’t need another person to join in. I just … I don’t RP. I have fond memories of RPing with my ex, but even then it was always a story about her and her future boyfriend, and her stoner chronie, and some random slutty RPer (that tried to hook up in RL with every underaged teen boy she could). It just… no.

So I’d rather play the Zeldas I’ve missed than farm shit. What about leveling alts just to level them? Well, maybe. I like instances. I’ve been slowly grinding up my stable of alts. I DO want a hunter, at least, so I can do achievement hunting – which is best done on a hunter.

Just got done playing invasions at lunch on my hunter. Damn, those are satisfying. I wish they had something like that on a more common basis. Somewhat brainless zerging from point to point, spamming mobs. Feels kind of Gauntlet-y, which I enjoy.


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