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The Legion Is Here (and holy crap, it’s a great expansion!)

September 14, 2016

(Warning: this is a long post)  TL;DR I love this expansion, so far, and I think it’s the best expansion to date.

> Very, very smooth launch. Not a single queue, no noticeable lag increase, no major game breaking bugs, no patches every five hours, and so on. It just… works.
> Not sure if I’ve talked about this so far, but goddamn… I love the “new” bear tank. VERY beefy, decent cooldowns, and AOE bleeds! Woohoo! I was never a fan of lacerate or the cone version of swipe. Very glad that they consolidated swipe and lacerate. Absolutely LOVE, love, love that all druid forms can have a legit off-spec as something else. Just smacking a test dummy as off-spec cat, tank, and moonkin I get respectable numbers for each respective offspec, even without switching gear. This means a kitty can actually tank or pewpew, a tank can actually kitty DPS, and so on… I love it. The resto spec is lacking with agi gear due going OOM almost instantly, but it’s a decent offspec for moonkin (which still goes OOM pretty quickly).
> New lands and music: gorgeous. So far anyway. New Dalaran? I love it… far less lag than Wrath Dalaran, portals are back (even more this time!), and the Dal Hearth? YES PLEASE. 🙂 I’m going to be seriously bothered if they remove the dal hearth or portals in the next expansion – but that’s two years away, maybe three.

I’ve been playing Legion since day 1 – even though I figured I’d wait a few weeks for the day-one lag, queues, and insanity of leveling with 100000 other players on the same quest to die down. This is easily the best launch of any expansion I’ve seen so far. Almost no down time, lag is not considerably worse than before the expansion, no queue times, and best of all: quests now grant credit if you just land a hit on a mob or are nearby – so no more competing with other players for credit. That is HUGE! I REALLY hope this applies to older zones as well but it cuts back on the new-expansion frustration ten fold. It actually makes me GLAD to see other players, because we still get good experience and loot, and get full quest credit. In some cases it also counts if another faction tagged the mob first (namely elites).

The story has been interesting so far, especially since I main a druid and I chose the druid-themed zone of Val’Sharah to start out with. Currently I’m in Stormheim which is like Howling Fjord 2.0 – and I’m fine with that since Howling Fjord was my favorite zone of Wrath. Many quests have interesting mechanics and gimmicks, and the core stories often times tie into the overarching story of the invasion of Legion.

Speaking of story – I have to wonder if this isn’t the last expansion, or second to last – as they have run out of core material (without going back in time, again) other than killing Sargeras or going to Argus. I predict a WoW 2.0 on the horizon… a remake of the original with the expacs all put together as a single game or something, with enhanced graphics. I dunno – just a pipe dream. I’m sure they will sustain WoW in whatever form they leave it, since it’s probably still making money hand over fist…

On to some nitty gritty stuff.

I dropped inscription. It was always kind of a shit profession that I probably broke even on. The only really cool thing about it was making my own weapon for my main and outfitting all my toons with glyphs – which are now useless. GRRR! I don’t even think they can craft weapons anymore either. Heh. I picked up skinning since I play a Worgen to send leatherworking materials to my Hunter alt. By the end of WoD skinning also gave supplies for Tailoring, which is great.

Felhide, Felwort, Infernal Brimstone, those are the big mats this expansion. Felhide seems to be the easiest to get and sells for the most … Skinning FTW.

The invasions. I meant to post about this earlier but never got around to it (I need to post here more frequently!) They were but reminded me a bit too much of Rifts from the eponymous title. They are zone wide however and have harder mobs – which was a nice change. Raid bosses are kind of meh though. No mechanics, just unavoidable AOE that goes to draw distance. Annoying as fuck, especially if you’re in Azshara as Ally since the respawn point is about a 4-5 minute walk back to your body. Lagging out on the boss fight REALLY and losing experience AND loot sucks. 😦 😦 😦

Demon Hunters…. everywhere… Not that excited about them. Not sure why. I wasn’t excited about DKs either when they were new, and now it’s my second favorite class, by far. I guess I’m just a hipster and I’m not keen on what is “cool” or fashionable, which right now that is DH. I’ve already saved a slot on my server for one since they are tanky and they have their own story – so I’ll make one once I’ve hit 110 on my main, but I’m not really excited about it.

The druid changes… where to start. Overall I’m very satisfied with the changes – moreso than any previous expansion. There’s so much to like. New core bear and cat models and beautiful animations, unique attacks for main abilities (rather than just ONE attack animation), and the Artifact forms? Goddamn. Very happy with the new forms.

Another major change that I’m in love with is the Affinity talent series, where you can effectively offspec for any battle. This is lovely for two reason – first is it is incredibly useful to be able to have an offspec to count on. Need to tank as a DPS? Do it. Need to DPS a bit harder on your tank spec for trash? Do it. Want to be ready to emergency heal in a dungeon? Do that too. You can’t do it ALL, but you can now perform two roles with one spec. It’s not 100% but goddamn – the versatility is unmatched. The second reason is this is bringing the class back to it’s original design and lore. In early Vanilla I read the class descriptions online, and Druids were /intended/ to be able to switch forms mid battle to fill in a gap; they weren’t intended to just stick with one form for an entire instance. Now they finally can shapeshift to perform different roles in the same encounter and perform reasonably well. I remember last expansion (or was it the one before?) they gave us some shit tallents that KIND OF let us do this for a few seconds. It was dumb.

Cat and bear changes: very happy. The rotation has been simplified for both, and bears are kind of unkillable in solo PvE. I haven’t run an instance as one, but they feel almost OP with decent DPS (for a tank). Cat changes are fantastic – they still have great DPS, the rotation is no longer John F-ing Madden, they maintained crazy mobility, and it’s just fun to play. They can’t cast Rejuv during combat which sucks, definitely reduced my survivability (and arguably my utility in a group) but it’s one less thing to worry about.

Moonkin changes: meh. Boring as ever. I’m so glad they got rid of the metrinome bullshit of the sun/moon cycle however. Resto is kind of unchanged which is fine. Still my favorite class to heal with.

The class hall is … amazing. The best looking garden / jungle in the game, by far. Absolutely amazing graphics (for WoW), redone Moonglade music, interesting NPCs, portals to EVERYWHRE, EVER, and so on.

Other simple things (that are interesting to me): we now can switch to tree form any time, which I like. Reminds me of Vanilla (or whenever it was that Resto spec was tree form and only tree form). We can now manually change into land travel form (versus flight). I THINK they ditched the ability of people to ride the druid and they made land travel form notably slower than mounted speed (they ditched the +speed glyph), which is sad. They also got rid of Astral form, which I dislike. There’s still a talent that allows you to be astral / gold glowy, but to cast as Balance you MUST be in moonkin form. I’ve never liked moonkin form so … this is a big turn off.

Enough druid talk.

Unlimited specs! Oh thank God. Finally able to play cat form again, and got to try out unholy spec DK (which I love btw).

Dalaran is back. Yes! This was always my favorite capital city. It’s interesting, it has  “safe” feeling to it (being away from the cares of the world and always being mobile). It’s fairly small, so it doesn’t take long to get between places. We also have a hearth here. Nice. Very nice. Portals to capitals and a few other places which is useful, especially the old Dalaran portal since as a Druid I can use that to teleport to northern / northwestern Eastern Kingdoms, something the Alliance never had.

The biggest complaints I’ve seen about this expansion mostly revolve around having TOO MUCH interesting content – people feel like they can’t do everything they want and leveling to 110 is slow going. Others feel bad that they can’t invest time into their alts because there’s so much to do on one character. All of which I agree with, but none of which I feel is bad.

Overall, I’d say this is the best expansion so far.


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