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I’m breaking up (with WoW)… again.

October 10, 2016

Another rage quit. This was the longest block of time that I’ve played WoW without rage quitting, but it was just a matter of time. What did it for me this time? Asshole DPS players skipping the queue by grouping with a tank that quits as soon as the instnace pops. For you non-WoW players, this is like using a friend that has connections to skip the entire line to get into a club, or the two-hour-plus line to get into Splash Mountain at Disneyland – all the while increasing the time others have to wait.

The tank player can drop as soon as the instance starts and they can go about their lives – either to go do some PvP, or world quests, or what ever they want – they don’t care about the 30 minute slap-on-the wrist debuff for quitting the PUG to get their friend to the head of the line. But everyone else in the group has to wait for another tank to queue up. As a healer – it’s not that long usually for me – like 5 minutes tops, but for the DPS that waited 20 to 40 minutes just to get into the instance? Yeah, it fucking sucks. It’s the principle of it. Bliz has NEVER implemented a punishment for assholes that do this –  It’s ridiculous… There is no way to report players for being carried this way.

I have so little free time (working +50% the average American work hours) that it’s absolutely asinine to expect me to be totally okay with line skipping fuckwads to waste my time. Moreover, my time is worth +$100 per hour (when I’m doing contract work). It’s at that moment, when I put it all together, that I realized (again) what a massive time sink WoW is and how much it’s potentially costing me. My time is valuable. Maybe not Trump valuable – but it’s valuable to me. I don’t get it back after it’s wasted. And I’m pissing it away waiting for another tank in a shit dungeon because that DPS fuckwad couldn’t wait his turn. No.

Smoldering, I cancelled my account (also my Curse Premium account since I wouldn’t need that either). Just stewing I started to think about my “WoW to-do list” and all the grindy retarded shit on it. Amber scorpion mount? Yeah, probably 20 hours of grinding shit quests that I don’t enjoy? For a shit mount that I get to enjoy for five minutes every few days in my random mount lineup? Invincible the flying undead horse? The math there is about 30 minutes per run, at 2% drop rate, so 50 runs times 30 minutes is 25 hours. Fucking… really? Really? Is that what it’s worth to me? 25 hours of my time? All the other dumbass mounts, the same… right? Water bug mount – probably 20 hours of grinding retarded ass quests so I have the privilege of going slightly faster on water? Hm. That’s about the average play time of most AAA titles, ones that I OWN but I haven’t even broken the seal on. I own the Uncharted series, Bloodbourne, The Witcher 2, the Tomb Raider reboot, Alien Isolation, South Park the Stick of Truth, and many other games that I haven’t even OPENED because I play WoW obsessively. This is exactly that happened to me in 2006-2008 and I ended up missing the original X-Box entirely. By the time I “snapped out of it” we were already in the 360 era, which I couldn’t believe, since there were so many “must play” titles on the Original XBox that I never even played. Oh yes, I could go to a pawn shop and buy them today – and many I have already done that with, but I also missed the early days of online play with those titles. I’m blathering on and on about reasons why I’m upset with myself for getting sucked into a grind-heavy game.

Most of the grindy shit I mentioned about WoW is just cosmetic junk – mounts namely.  That’s not even the core of the game. RBy now I am to the point where the game has become REALLY grindy just to get into LFR. I was probably ilevel 821 or so. Not bad, right? Well, that’s like 8 more upgrades in order to do LFR. That’s another 3 hours minimum of running shit instances or doing samey world quests to get to 825, just so that I could marching-band slog through trash versions of raid bosses in order to get an ilevel barely good enough to keep up with current content. So, I grind in order to grind. I would be wasting time in order to be well geared enough to waste more time.

Ugh. This all sounds like cheap bitchy whining from a ragequitter. And yes – that’s what it is. I’m just spelling it all out for myself so that I have a record of why I should give WoW a big, long break. I’ve burnt myself out, again. The “main quest” of Legion was OKAY. Not bad, but certainly not great. Better than Warlords of Draenor, but not as good as Mists of Pandaria or Wrath of the Lich King. The Legion story kind of trailed off into … nothingness. Just like WoD. I’m at the “Well now what” point in the Legion story line. Like, I don’t care about what’s going on because I don’t know what’s going on. We’re waiting for the page to turn while Bliz focuses all their development effort into the next major Overwatch patch or whatever.

Update: Also, the main quests are bugged as FUCK. One of the core quests in particular about the title character, Illidain, is unplayable for most players. Absolutely unbelievable that they can crank out new fluff content for 7.1 – pets and shit – but they can’t nail down the programming on a CORE quest. Seriously Bliz? Seriously?

What I enjoyed the most about my past three years of continuous play – mostly the atmosphere of the current Warcraft universe. With the World of Warcraft Chronicle Part 1 out we now have a bible of lore to refer to – absolute irrefutable information about the origin of the game universe. And as a huge lore nerd (I grew up on Tolkin and Dragonlance) the Warcraft universe is amazing. It doesn’t take itself too seriously (what with an infinite amount of pop-culture references – more here too) and a depth to the lore that is unmached in any other gaming universe (which is based on an original IP anyway). Warcraft has a legitimate origin-of-everything background that ties into the existing conflicts players are a part of – it’s epic, and it allows the players to feel like they are part of that epic tale. It’s the only game universe I can think of where a demon summoning werewolf warlock can have a sidekick gnome monk ninja in his motorcycle sidecar as they travel through a portal that brings them to another world 30 years into the past. That’s pretty badass.

I’ll miss that – but at 2-8 hours a day everything became routine. Anything becomes routine when it has to be done for 20 to 50 hours to “unlock” something. At that point it becomes a job.

I’ve put a lot of thought into this. But I think quitting WoW is for the better. I might come back in a year once the final patch for this expansion is released – spend a few weeks abusing the catch-up mechanics to see how this expansion plays out, then quit again. Until I’ve beaten 10 of my “must play” games that I’ve already bought, I’m not going to play WoW again. Beautiful game, but it’s become my second job.


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