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NES Classic: thoughts

November 11, 2016

So the NES Classic went on sale today, and promptly sold out everywhere. I’ve already read the reviews on it, and I’m happy they did what they could to emulate the original experience of playing the games – bugs and all. I also appreciate that they added different display options. I’ll definitely be buying one at some point. Having said that though, I still believe I will spend most of my retro gaming hours playing emulated games on my PSP slim or on my PC. The reasons why: convenience and catalog.

About convenience: nothing beats the conveience of having just about every major console on a PSP while on a 3 hour flight. I get the sales point of the nostalgia baked into the system Nintendo built – but I believe they really could have made a bit more money selling it as a portable system that plugs can plug into a TV, like their next gen console (the NX) is promising to do. Instinct tells me that’s coming as well, but not until after Nintendo has aggressively milked the holy shit out of the NES Classic – like they do with every single IP, ever, ever, ever. Plus, everything Iv’e read about the console reads as supremely inconvenient. Super short cables? No bluetooth / wireless controllers (or even an option for that? Save menu is accessed on the CONSOLE? Holy crap! You’d think at least one person at Nintendo had played an emulator, at least once, where save/load was a mapable function on a keypad. I guess not.

About catalog: I have an inventory of classic game ROMs to last me the next three world wars if I was locked into a bunker, and immortal. More importantly, many of my true favorites were more esoteric titles that wouldn’t be included in a collection of “top hits”. Being locked into playing only the absolute top hits kind of sucks.

Anyway, I like the idea as a whole – and I will be buying one when they aren’t sold out everywhere, but I’m still going to do 95% of my retrogaming on a PC or hacked PSP.


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