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November Update

November 11, 2016

I just posted a bit about NES classic. I figured I’d keep that in it’s own tidy box since I don’t actually own one, nor will I for a while, so it’s not really what I’m gaming on… Anyway.

7 Days to Die. I really, really like this game. It’s easily my favorite MineCraft clone. It’s basically something of a mix between Minecraft (base and world building), Dead Island (crazy weak weapons that you craft – that eventually become less shitty, character leveling system is similar) and Fallout 4 – where you build your base using crap you scavenge from across the land. On my old computer the game was barely playable and looked absolutely hideous on low graphics settings – but it was fun. On my new laptop the game looks good (not gorgeous, but good) and it plays so much better. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone that likes Minecraft style games and have a group of friends to play with. Solo the game is creepy and very lonely – just not worth playing alone.

Assassin’s Creed, everywhere I look. I’m actually really excited for the movie. Most of my friends think it’s absolute trash – but the trailer definitely felt like the game. Of my friends, I’m the only one that has played the majority of the actual titles – most of my friends have barely played a few missions. So, Meh to them. Abstergo, the parkour, Animus, genetic memories, hidden blade and rooftop assassinations, melee combat -all of this just screams Assassin’s Creed. The trailers (first one here, second one here) indicate this may be the first game-based film that is true to the source material. There’s also apparently a TV show in the works. That has a lot of potential I think, since much of the AC series story is based on continuity that would be hard to convey in a 1.5 hour film. It’s unlikely that it’ll have a long run on TV – but it’s better than nothing. :p

Red Dead Redemption 2 is for real! Oh thank God.

No Bliz remasters of the original Warcraft. Bummer. I think that’s a missed opportunity. I think they are making remasters of WC3 and SC1 however…

WoW. Again. So yeah, I cancelled my account, deleted my game, and quit. Entirely. That lasted about a week. I’m almost sad to say that I reinstalled and signed up again for a monthly fee … but, I usually enjoy myself. I’ve avoided most of the grindy shit, and I won’t get sucked into that if I can help it. But some parts of the game I genuinely enjoy, at least in small doses. Right now I’m leveling up my Shaman and doing Legion stuff with him. I’ll be working on my Warrior, DK, and Hunter soon. Probably the Pala too since apparently their class hall stuff is awesome.


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