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Surface Pro 4 and WoW Streaming

November 29, 2016

This is my pre-Christmas update. I splurged and bought a Surface Pro 4 – mostly to play games on while I’m sitting with my son. He likes family to sit with him while he watches YouTube videos; but being 3 he likes to watch the same few videos over and over – which becomes a bit fatiguing for an adult after a while. I figured if I had a tablet then I could sit with him and still game or brows the web. <shrug> I did some research and the Surface Pro 4 is capable of running WoW well enough – so I bought the i5 8 gb ram 256 gb ssd version when it went on sale.

It was kind of an impulse buy (I wanted to get it before they ran out). After a short while I was suffering serious buyers remorse once I saw that the Surface Book (with nVidia GPU) can run WoW at double the frame rate. I couldn’t justify spending an extra $500 for a netbook that has the same stats, but it still bugged me that it could play WoW (and other games) so much better.

I don’t have the Surface Pro 4 in my hands yet, but I’ve did a bit more research and it looks like I can stream games from my GT72 gaming laptop to the tablet. Hooray! Last night I did an experiment and I set up my GT72 and my old junker laptop on the same network and successfully streamed Skyrim at +40 fps on highest settings, streamed WoW at 47 fps at max settings. The only caveat was that I had to put both computers on the LAN to keep the games from stuttering… but at home I have a MUCH better router that won’t struggle at all to let me stream. In fact I’ve already streamed at home between two computers and didn’t realize it – it ran so smoothly that I didn’t know I was streaming.

That’s really good news for me, since 99% of my gaming on the Surface Pro will be done on the same WiFi network as my main computer, which has good hardware and my now-playing list of games. Yippeee… I’ll update this post later once I get it in hand and have a chance to try it out.



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