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Goodbye Legion, We Hardly Knew Ye

January 29, 2017

Or, more accurately, we knew ye way too well and we didn’t like what we saw. So 7.2 or 7.3 will bring about Legion flying, however it’s going to require an INSANE amount of grinding required to unlock flying. Basically, beat the ENTIRE expansion, in every way possible, THEN you get to enjoy a basic 2006 feature. I get that they want us to really feel the sense of accomplishment for unlocking it, and they want us to see every grain of sand on the continent – but this is just asinine.

Having said that – I’m done with the expansion. I haven’t logged in for more than 20 minutes in the past three weeks and I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything. Granted, if I had better latency I’d at least try the raiding and PvP – but I still don’t think I’d be doing it every night.

Instead, I’m still playing Dying Light! Yay! I beat the core game and now I’m replaying it with two friends on co-op. I absolutely love this game. I’m playing the expansion solo, and I’m most of the way done with it. It’s a really good addition to the game. While some reviewers bemoan the lack of parkour, I think having a dune buggy really shakes up the game play style – and parkour is still immensely useful in tight situations. I really can’t help it but I’m a fan of the Bayou Billy “ten games in one” style of gameplay, where a game encompasses many play styles. I’m not keen on the “same level as last, but harder, and with palate swap textures” shit that most games stick to.

My friends and I are also playing HELLDIVERS here and there. I think I enjoy it more than my friends do though… not sure why. They LOVE super hard games, except Magicka and HELLDIVERS. No clue why they see games that are top down as being “harder” than first person “hard” games. I really don’t. They don’t like friendly fire in Magicka or HELLDIVERS, but they love it in FPS games. Really confusing to me. <shrug> Still. This is a fantastic game … my only real complaint is I wish the coop system allowed for each player to have the screen focus on their character, rather than the super obnoxious arcade-style shared screen, where you have to play screen tug-of-war with your friends. It forces players into a very narrow box in order to see enemies that would otherwise be “off screen”, greatly reducing the usefulness of some longer range weapons, and forcing players to squash each other if someone is using a vehicle or mech.


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