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Nintendo: perpetually stuck in 1985. UPDATE: Not so much!?

October 20, 2016

While the rest of the world has moved on to digital downloads, Nintendo is still hocking cartridges. How quaint. I’m starting to sound like a Nintendo hater – but they’ve always been way, way behind the times in terms of keep up with the times. 3DS kind of broke that cycle, but their home consoles still lack much of the features found in the Sony and Microsoft consoles, and always lag behind in terms of performance and game selection.

So, yeah. Carts. Neat. I guess. Easier to emulate – that’s how I look at it.

UPDATE: Okay, okay – I was wrong. The official teaser video has changed my mind. This is very much the kind of system I’ve always wanted. It’s legitimately capable of console and on-the-road gaming (which I NEED since I commute by airplane about 70,000 miles a year). The neato multiplayer things you can do with them is interesting but mostly I’m interested in a small SMALL console that can be picked up and taken with you.

I don’t know how big the screen size is, but it’s not impressive. That is probably my only complaint. Knowing Nintendo, it’s certain they’ll release an “XL” version about 2 years after release. This may become one of my favorite toys of 2017.


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